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I always meant to write in here when I got my final degree results, but for some reason I never did!

As you can see from my title, I got a 2:2 in the end. I was on track for a 2:1 but it all depended on my final essay, which didn’t exactly go to plan. I didn’t enjoy it and even though my tutor gave me as much help as possible, the topic still seemed as clear as mud to me! If I ever see a renaissance altarpiece again it will be TOO soon!

Never mind though. I still have a degree, and one I earnt off my own back as well. The OU is MUCH harder than a traditional university and no matter what grade you get, you did bloody well finishing it! That in itself was a great accomplishment for me; when I was younger, I would often fail to see things through to their conclusion so actually sticking with something and not giving up halfway is a great achievement.

Having said all this, I have yet to graduate! The next graduation date in Birmingham isn’t until NOVEMBER 23RD. Yes, it is bloody ridiculous. I was not very impressed! I finished my degree at 24 and will graduate at 26. What a strange state of affairs! I will try to remember to post here when I am an actual graduate instead of an inferior graduand 😉

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An Ending

I haven’t written in here since NOVEMBER and I finish my final (if I pass!) OU course on May 31st. Needless to say, the end is nigh for this blog. That said, I want to keep writing, and more regularly. If you are so inclined, please do check out my very new personal blog over here.

Anyhoo, for my last course I managed to scrape a 2:1; hoorah! The hope is I can continue the trend with my current course (AA315: Renaissance Art Reconsidered). For my first two essays I received a 2:1 but I’m not that optimistic for the final two.

My next essay is due in April 5th, is worth 40% of my final grade, and I only have a week to do it (which I think is UTTERLY unfair). And I don’t understand the question. Granted, I haven’t asked for any help or checked out the forums so far, so hopefully my understanding will be better this time tomorrow!

I have received back my proforma for my final Independent Essay and things aren’t good that end either. The direction I wanted to go in is pretty much a dead end so I have to re-evaluate what the heck I want to write about. This isn’t easy as I have discovered I dislike Renaissance art greatly and don’t care about any of it – and if you don’t care, it’s unlikely you’ll write a good essay.

Having said this, I am pretty motivated to pass this damn course because I refuse to spend another second of my life studying; I am utterly fed up of it and just want a grown up job with some monies please!

This year, a few things have changed with the OU which I dislike: the main one being their constant fiddling with the submission time of essays. When I first started, it would be Friday at midnight. Then it moved to Friday midday. Now it has moved to Thursday midday. This effectively cuts out two days of essay writing for the average person and I am not happy with it, at all.

I also don’t understand my next essay being worth 40% and only having a week to do it, whereas the Independent Essay is worth 50% and for that we have six weeks.

I don’t understand such changes and I just thank my lucky stars that I have parents willing to support me because no way could I do this amount of work, hold down a full time job and still hope for a social life! I do sometimes wonder if this is why the OU appeals to the older student: at 24 I need a social life! Also, after being in education for twenty years, my motivation for textbook based learning left me a good long while ago.

Oh well, moaning over! Hope you’re all well and thank you for reading 🙂

Nikki x

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Welcome, one and all…

Hello, hola, hej!

My name is Nikki (Nicola) Jayne and I am a 23 year old student at the Open University.

The purpose of this blog is:
(a) To inform other potential students about studying with the Open University;
(b) To wax lyrical about the course I am currently studying; and
(c) To have another blog away from my private one, and away from my tumblr, which has turned into a place where I just post funny pictures. Entertaining, but it doesn’t let people know about my life! So hopefully, these should be all the blogs I need.

Now I will try and keep this brief, as I have a habit of going on and not knowing when to stop. But I came to the Open University a little differently than the majority of students. Let me take you back to 2006… *insert dreamy music*

In 2006 I left college for the University of Kent, to study Drama and Theatre Studies. I stayed there for a year and a half; I left halfway through my second year. It was a pretty good course on the whole. Hey, Ellie Goulding was in my class, which is totally my claim to fame now. Anyway, whilst I enjoyed my time at Kent, I had problems with some of my housemates (don’t we all?!) and in hindsight I should have gone to drama school; my course was too theoretical and I wasn’t expecting that. I also didn’t think it was worth the £3k for six hours of lectures/tutorials/seminars a week.

So I left. And I had a few months of relaxing, and then I started to get bored. One day, a leaflet from the OU came in the post. To cut a very long, pretty boring, story short; I decided the OU was for me and I have been studying with them since October 2008.

I am working towards an Open Degree (which will be explained in a later post, if I remember!) and should finish it June 2012. I managed to transfer my credits from Kent over to the OU, which knocked the equivalent of 2 years’ OU studies off for me. The first course I undertook was W200; Understanding Law. My last one was A216; Art and its Histories. My current course is AA318; Art of the Twentieth Century.

I do hope if you have managed to come across this blog that I haven’t bored you. I promise there will be many exciting blogs and videos (!!) to come. I have lots to say, and I hope it will be informative (and entertaining). For now, ciao!

Nikki x

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