30 Apr

I always meant to write in here when I got my final degree results, but for some reason I never did!

As you can see from my title, I got a 2:2 in the end. I was on track for a 2:1 but it all depended on my final essay, which didn’t exactly go to plan. I didn’t enjoy it and even though my tutor gave me as much help as possible, the topic still seemed as clear as mud to me! If I ever see a renaissance altarpiece again it will be TOO soon!

Never mind though. I still have a degree, and one I earnt off my own back as well. The OU is MUCH harder than a traditional university and no matter what grade you get, you did bloody well finishing it! That in itself was a great accomplishment for me; when I was younger, I would often fail to see things through to their conclusion so actually sticking with something and not giving up halfway is a great achievement.

Having said all this, I have yet to graduate! The next graduation date in Birmingham isn’t until NOVEMBER 23RD. Yes, it is bloody ridiculous. I was not very impressed! I finished my degree at 24 and will graduate at 26. What a strange state of affairs! I will try to remember to post here when I am an actual graduate instead of an inferior graduand 😉

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