Jag lämnade mitt hjärta i Sverige.

01 Sep

Hej alla! I have just returned from my second trip to Stockholm, and it was AWESOME. I love that place so much. But you might be wondering; why the obsession with Sverige? Well, I am hoping to apply to study this course at Stockholms Universitet next year. Why? Well the two main reasons are the cost (free!) and the fact that I feel so at home in Stockholm, more so than even in England. I am sure we have all had holidays where we could see ourselves living in that country. Everything clicks; you love the people (and the men!), the weather (hot in the summer, freezing in the winter? Ja snälla!), the culture… it’s just bloody amazing.

I am also going to apply for similar courses in Gothenburg and Helsinki, but I want the Stockholm one the most. If I don’t get in, there is a good chance I will cry. But then I will work for a year and apply again the following year; post grads in Scandinavia are quite often 25 and over.

So to help me prepare, I am starting Swedish classes on September 14th. I am very excited! I am not starting in the entry level class, but the one up, since I already know some Swedish through Rosetta Stone. I actually tried speaking some Swedish this trip and I was pleasantly surprised; I had been told that once a Swede hears your terrible accent they switch instantly to English, and that totally didn’t happen with me! I’d say, ‘Jag talar inte Svenska’ (I don’t speak Swedish) and they would ask ‘Engelska?’ No presumptions or anything 🙂 I did meet two Swedes who said I had the perfect accent so here is hoping I will be top of the class haha!!

In AA318 news, I am waiting for my last TMA result. I can’t even begin to focus on the EMA until I have that result back and I have spoken to my tutor – we have a tutorial on Saturday which I need desperately because I don’t really understand the EMA at all.

Also, my last course books have come! I start AA315 (Renaissance art reconsidered) in October. I quite like the look of the books; unlike AA318, the text in these books is split into two columns. And strangely, it looks like I will be able to focus on that easier. It’s really bizarre, but I remember in college being given a right or left brained test and because I scored right brained, my law teachers gave me textbooks with pictures. And strangely, it worked! I got an A, and then when I tried a Law course with the OU I pretty much failed because their textbooks had no pictures. Strange, I know.

Anyhoo, I hope you are all good, och tack för läser!

Nikki x

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