On tutors.

12 Aug

I have adored my two most recent tutors. They have been a delight to work with. Interesting, engaging, and ready to help you at a moment’s notice. My current tutor is always emailing us out stuff to help us along with the next TMA, and if you email her with a problem, she will always reply within 24 hours. And her guidance is of actual use, instead of just writing some vague sentences about the question (as some tutors have been known to do!)

Contrast this to Kent. Whilst I had a lot of good (and not so good) tutors, they were a lot hader to get hold of. Many only accepted emails as a way of informing them if you were going to miss a lecture/seminar; very few used them for questions. Nooo, questions were for office hours. Office hours would normally be some obscure time where you would have to trek your way onto campus, and then stand in a queue and hope the queue moved fast enough before office hours ended.

There was a similar problem with submitting essays. I  understand that more and more universities are moving towards electronic submissions, but a lot are still too slow to catch on. It’s great being able to email your essay right up until midnight (the OU has a 12 hour grace period, the usual cut off point is midday) instead of again, trekking into campus ten minutes before the essay deadline, and then waiting in another queue to get a receipt.
Although, my final project for this course has to be posted. THREE copies of it. I don’t understand why that can’t be emailed either :s

With the unfortunate news of tuition fees, I feel a lot more people around my age will be considering the OU over campus universities, and I think my experience of both puts me in a unique position. Therefore, if there is any aspet of university you want me to comment on, ask away 😉

Also, thanks for the great comments on my last entry. All of you share similar feelings about the OU’s increase in tuition fees. It’s a damn shame that life-long learners are being penalised in this country. My only solace is that the Tories probably won’t be re-elected!

Nikki x

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