13 Jun

I’ve done all my singing, I’ve done my first ghost tour. I’ve booked the train to go to the Tate Modern for June 27th. So now all that’s out of the way I can concentrate on my course! Hopefully 😉


One thing I dislike about my course are the DVDs. You might be thinking; ‘What?!’ but hear me out.

The DVDs are like lectures. One of the reasons I disliked ‘actual’ university were the lectures. I am not an auditory learner. I can’t sit there and take it in unless there are lot of pretty pictures and emotive speaking. I don’t know why professors are so scared about letting their voices have emotions. It makes for a very dull programme!

One programme that I think the OU should take note of is The Seven Ages of Britain which was presented by David Dimbleby (who is an actual legend). Now this programme was made in partnership with the OU. I think our course DVDs should be as fascinating as that programme was. Just throwing it out there… 😉

But this is just my opinion; I’ve not met many people who complain about the DVDs. But for me, it’s a battle to stay awake. It’s the same with the audio CDs; I’ve had to download the audio transcripts because I can’t just listen to something. Unless that something is music 😉

Nikki x

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