Video and Singing.

23 May

I put together a little video of how I study and prepare for TMAs. It’s not that fascinating, but I show you what my course books are like:

I have spatial synaesthesia, which means I have a pretty good mental calendar. However, this calendar only operates on fortnights, and so much stuff is happening recently that I have given in and bought myself… a Filofax!

I’m actually really excited about getting it (I bought it off eBay), it’s super cute, look!

Last Sunday, I got an unexpected invite to go see Derren Brown’s show Svengali. One of my best friend’s sister is the manager at the Alexandra Theatre and she had some complimentary tickets left, and I got invited! This made me ever so happy, because I worship Derren Brown and the only reason I hadn’t booked tickets to see Svengali was because my mom preferred to go see Legally Blonde (which we do have tickets for). We could have sat in the stalls but we went for the dress circle; what fools! Haha but seriously, he was amazing. I want to marry him. But he’s gay. Oh, such a waste!

In other news, my job has roped me into singing at the Stratford Fringe Festival on Saturday 28th. People are going to pay to come see me sing songs from musicals. Like, what?! This job is just insane but I’m taking it in my stride! I’m uber excited, even if I end up only performing for my parents and 2 other people :mrgreen:

And to top it all off, my local newspaper (Solihull News) have phoned me and want to put about me in their Entertainment section! Haha it’s all so insane. So I have no idea when I will be able to study because I have far too much to do at the moment, but it’s all good!

Nikki x

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