The Royal Wedding.

30 Apr

So I do hope everyone’s Royal Wedding day was nice, whether you are a monarchist or not. I’m apathetic about the monarchy, but I must admit I do enjoy the history and tradition, and no one, no one, does pomp and circumstance better than the Brits.

We had a party in the field next to our house. Lots of people came and we had food, Pimm’s (of course!) and played rounders. My throat is a bit hoarse today though thanks to getting a bit too over excited during rounders and because I was used as a raffle announcer, since I know how to project my voice 😉

I think the wedding ceremony was nice but it did drag on a tad; the pair of them looked exhausted bless them. I bet they had next to no sleep the night before; I know I wouldn’t have. And that dress; my god. Stunning. I’d love to get married in a similar style dress, but in blue. Oh well, there’s always Harry! 😉

Anyhoo, I was reading a blog about today’s front pages and how almost all papers put the same image on the front cover; that of Wills and Kate kissing on the balcony. Nice, but safe. The Independent went with this by Tracey Emin, which I must admit I depsise:

I think I dislike it (a) because it looks like it was traced, (b) because it looks smudged and (c) it’s so impersonal! They’re a beautiful couple (even if Wills is losing his hair) and this just completely depersonalises it. I have never been a fan of Emin though so no surprises there.

However, The Times went with a fantastic photo which is completely candid and really captures the spirit of the couple. This is what good photography is all about:

Who could not be moved by that photo? Gorgeous.

I have a TMA due in on Friday and I haven’t even looked at the question (so disorganised at times), but I’m hoping to make a video about the process so look out for that sometime next week!

Nikki x

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