22 Apr

I didn’t end up going on my tutorial to the Tate Modern last Saturday 😦

I have been suffering with an infection that made me feel pretty rubbish and tired. I knew that if I went, I would be like a zombie and would take literally nothing in. (I am on new antibiotics right now that are working great, if you’re wondering!)

So I emailed my tutor who had already sent us out some worksheets for art galleries, and she emailed me back telling me she has set up a thread in our tutor forum with some notes from the tutorial and a discussion. This is the great thing about education in the 21st century; if you have to miss something in person, there will always be the added provision of online notes and videos.

So anyway, of course I haven’t been able to make a video of my visit. However, I am hoping to make my own way there next month, and I will try and make a little video then. Just hope I don’t look too weird talking into a camera on my own ;D

I am also hoping to do a video of my studying and TMA preparation habits within the next two weeks. I definitely want to make more videos, I just keep forgetting to do them!

Anyway I hope you all have a great Easter weekend 🙂

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Posted by on April 22, 2011 in OU


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