Keeping Ahead.

24 Mar

Something I love about studying with the OU is that aside from TMA deadlines, you can study pretty much at your own pace. My course materials were sent out to me Christmas Eve, yet my course didn’t start until the beginning of February. This allowed me to start studying pretty early; in fact, for a while I was three weeks ahead of the timetable. I do this because sometimes life gets in the way, and sometimes you plain old just don’t feel like studying.

Currently I am a week ahead but haven’t done any studying this week due to being in Oliver! It only cuts out five hours of my day, but the adrenaline I get from performing is difficult to get rid of; I am certainly not in the mood to study when I come home! But after this week I will try and catch up to being a week ahead again. I am lucky to have the freedom to do this: I am currently unemployed which isn’t a large problem as I live with my parents (and I’m a spoilt only child!) But I do have a job interview tomorrow – argh! It’s only for a Saturday job so if I get it I will still be able to have this freedom.

Oliver! is going very well by the way! Each night it sold out and last night the Mayor turned out demanding a seat! Of course they accommodated him – the man filming the performance moved up.

Since I haven’t studied in a week, I don’t have any new and insightful musings about art to share. Though I did get my first TMA back and I did very well for my first level 3 course, so that relaxed me. You never know how your first TMA is going to fare!

Anyway, I am going to go back to enjoying the sun and I will leave you with the note that soon there will be video blogs on here…! I am going to the Tate Modern on a tutorial in April so I will definitely try and make a video blog of that day, so stay tuned!

Nikki x

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