13 Mar

Mmmm, I am sat here snacking on some vanilla flavoured pumpkin and sesame seeds from Graze. They are to die for. If you want a free box, use this code: HXH6Z7Z over at You won’t regret it, I assure you.

And now for some Art History…

I found this picture when I should have been writing my essay last week but was instead procrastinating on tumblr. There are a few blogs on there devoted to humerous images for us Art History geeks, and I love it because I get nearly all of the references! This one rings especially true because many people don’t really understand what Art History entails. I don’t think it is especially difficult, though it is tricky to get your head round all the different theorists and what not.

Anyway, essay has been sent off; terrified of finding out how I did on it so keep your fingers crossed! It’s always daunting starting a new course, especially when said new course is at level 3! Slightly terrifying, but it has to be done.

On Thursday I started reading the second textbook (there are 4 in all) and it reminded me why I decided to study Art History, for it is on Expressionism. When I did GCSE Art back in 2003/2004 I remember being fascinated by the Fauves, and my art teacher had that huge Art coffee table book, that looks like this:

And I remember that was the book where I discovered Fauvism. I in fact did one of my paintings for my final exam based off of a Matisse. This one, in fact:

So it was nice to start reading about an art movement that really holds my interest (and it was a nice change from Barnett Newman, whose paintings I don’t think I will ever truly ‘get’!)

My favourite art movement, though, is Impressionism, but I am not sure if we get to study that in this course (I’m not one for flicking through the books prior to actually studying them). I also love pop art, especially Roy Lichtenstein. There is a great show on Sky Arts 1 at the moment, on Tuesdays at 8pm (I think!) where this ex-art forger is placing famous people into well known paintings. He has so far placed James May into a Lichtenstein, Ronnie Wood into Manet’s Déjeuner sur l’herbe and some people who I can’t remember into a Hockney. Next time he is painting Stephen Fry, and it really is the most fascinating programme, so if you have Sky I recommend you set your plus box to record it!

I cant promise when I will next update because Oliver! is fast approaching (I have in fact just got home from a rehearsal) but I will try not to be more than a week.

Ciao! Nikki x

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