Welcome, one and all…

23 Feb

Hello, hola, hej!

My name is Nikki (Nicola) Jayne and I am a 23 year old student at the Open University.

The purpose of this blog is:
(a) To inform other potential students about studying with the Open University;
(b) To wax lyrical about the course I am currently studying; and
(c) To have another blog away from my private one, and away from my tumblr, which has turned into a place where I just post funny pictures. Entertaining, but it doesn’t let people know about my life! So hopefully, these should be all the blogs I need.

Now I will try and keep this brief, as I have a habit of going on and not knowing when to stop. But I came to the Open University a little differently than the majority of students. Let me take you back to 2006… *insert dreamy music*

In 2006 I left college for the University of Kent, to study Drama and Theatre Studies. I stayed there for a year and a half; I left halfway through my second year. It was a pretty good course on the whole. Hey, Ellie Goulding was in my class, which is totally my claim to fame now. Anyway, whilst I enjoyed my time at Kent, I had problems with some of my housemates (don’t we all?!) and in hindsight I should have gone to drama school; my course was too theoretical and I wasn’t expecting that. I also didn’t think it was worth the £3k for six hours of lectures/tutorials/seminars a week.

So I left. And I had a few months of relaxing, and then I started to get bored. One day, a leaflet from the OU came in the post. To cut a very long, pretty boring, story short; I decided the OU was for me and I have been studying with them since October 2008.

I am working towards an Open Degree (which will be explained in a later post, if I remember!) and should finish it June 2012. I managed to transfer my credits from Kent over to the OU, which knocked the equivalent of 2 years’ OU studies off for me. The first course I undertook was W200; Understanding Law. My last one was A216; Art and its Histories. My current course is AA318; Art of the Twentieth Century.

I do hope if you have managed to come across this blog that I haven’t bored you. I promise there will be many exciting blogs and videos (!!) to come. I have lots to say, and I hope it will be informative (and entertaining). For now, ciao!

Nikki x

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